Peripheral Nerve Lesions

What is a peripheral nerve lesion?

Your peripheral nerves link your brain and spinal cord to the other parts of your body, such as your muscles and skin. Peripheral nerves are fragile and can be easily damaged. A nerve injury can interfere with your brain’s ability to communicate with your muscles and organs.

Symptoms of a peripheral nerve lesion

Symptoms will vary according to which nerve has been damaged, however they may include: numbness and tingling, sharp, jabbing or burning pain, extreme sensitivity to touch, lack of coordination and falling, muscle weakness or paralysis.

Treatment of a peripheral nerve lesion

Unlike nerves in the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves are capable of healing. Some injuries may require surgery.

Whether surgical treatment is required or not, physiotherapy is a very important part of your rehabilitation enabling you to reach your maximum possible recovery. Treatment may include: electrical stimulation to maintain muscle bulk/power, splinting to maintain muscle length and joint range of movement and exercises to increase muscle strength as nerve regeneration occurs.

How can Neurocare Physiotherapy help me?

At Neurocare, we are all highly specialised in treating neurological conditions, so you can be confident that your physiotherapist will have the necessary experience to provide you with the specialist level of treatment which you deserve.