Mal de Debarquemant syndrome

What is Mal de Debarquement syndrome?

Mal de debarquement refers to an illusion of movement felt as an after effect of travel. Sea travel is the most common cause but it can also be caused by other forms of travel and situations such as lying on a waterbed.

The actual cause of the problem is not known but there have been several theories suggested.

Symptoms of Mal de Debarquement syndrome

Common symptoms of Mal de Debarquement are rocking, bobbing, swaying and disequilibrium along with unsteadiness, anxiety and loss of self confidence. The symptoms usually feel worse when in an enclosed space or attempting to be motionless, such as while lying down in bed. Stress and fatigue can cause the symptoms to become more noticeable in some people.

Treatment of Mal de Debarquemant syndrome

Medically, there are certain drugs which may be helpful in the treatment of Mal de Debarquement. Vestibular rehabilitation exercises can be helpful in improving the symptoms.