Foot Drop Clinic

Our specialist foot-drop clinic can offer assessment and treatment to relieve some of the symptoms of dropped foot and maximise walking potential.

What is a Dropped Foot ?

Foot drop (sometimes called drop foot) is a general term used to describe difficulty lifting the foot up from the ankle.  This results in catching the toes, tripping and the need to lift the leg higher from the hip during walking which can make walking effortful and unsteady.

What do we offer ?

  • Individual assessment of each foot to determine specific problem areas.
  • Hands-on treatment to mobilise stiff feet which can greatly improve balance reactions.
  • Balance re-education programme.
  • Specialised rehabilitation and physiotherapy to improve the problems identified.
  • Individual home exercise programmes to help you improve your condition on your own and maintain the improvement gained in clinic.
  • Walking re-education
  • Advice, assessment and provision of lightweight ankle / foot supports to promote better foot / ankle alignment and prevent injury.
  • Electrical stimulation to help improve strength in the weak muscles.
  • Advice on your suitability for the use of a foot drop stimulator.
  • Referral to other specialists, for example ‘FES North West’ (a specialist service solely dedicated to the assessment and treatment of dropped foot using a variety of foot-drop stimulators), Orthotist for custom made splints, Podiatrist, Specialist reflexologist.

Some benefits you may achieve from attending the foot drop clinic are …

  • Reduced frequency of tripping and falling.
  • Improved balance.
  • Reduced effort of walking.
  • Improved confidence.
  • Reduced need for a stick or other walking aids.
  • Improved walking style and posture.
  • Muscle strengthening.
  • Reduced swelling of the feet and ankles.
  • Reduction in pain.